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Plantronics 476 Headset


  1. Is it really free?
  2. Yes. We do not charge anything to use this service.
  3. Can I use this service if I don't have a cellphone?
  4. Yes. You can use govogo voicemail without a cellphone, just give out the voicemail number we send to you via email after you signup, then people can leave you messages by calling that number. You are also able to set your home phone up to forward calls to your voicemail, however the set up for this requires contacting your phone company and in most cases paying an additional fee to forward the call in the event your phone is busy, there is no answer, or the call is rejected.
  5. How do I forward my cellphone/PDA calls to my new voicemail number when I don't answer my phone, my phone is off, or I ignore the call?
  6. This requires a one time change, for CDMA Devices using services such as Sprint/Verizon you must contact your customer service center by dialing *611 on your cellphone and request to have your calls forwarded when busy, no answer, or no service to your new voicemail number or by following instructions listed here Verizon Info. You can also do this with your GSM device if you like or you may key in the available GSM codes provided below. GSM Phones have codes that you can type into the phone in order to forward your calls to your new voicemail below are some codes we know of:

      For Iphone and other GSM Devices:

    • Call Forward when unreachable for ALL CONDITIONS:

      Additional GSM CODES

  7. Is it free to call the telphone number?
  8. It is a local call if you are calling from within the downtown San Diego calling area. If someone is calling from outside the San Diego area, they will be charged normal long distance charges by their long distance telephone company. Check with your telephone company operator for actual charges. Cellphone customers usually have free longdistance calls within the United States.
  9. What if I change my mind and want my calls to go back to my regular cellphone voicemail?
  10. No Problem. Just key in the following #002# then hit SEND or CALL to reset your forwarding back to your original settings. You are free to change back and fourth as much or as often as you like.
  11. Will my account be deleted if I do not set up a greeting with in 24 hours of receiving my voicemail number by mail?
  12. Yes. You must call your voicemail number and following the Operating instructions to set your Greeting message within 24 hours of creating your voicemail box. If your greeting message is not set within 24 hours after creating the voicemail box the box will be automatically deleted.
  13. Will my account be deleted if I do not receive a voicemail in 30 days?
  14. Yes your account will be deleted if you do not receive a voicemail in 30 days.
  15. How do I sign up for the service?
  16. If you have web access, point your browser to www.govogo.com. If you don't have web access, send an e-mail to signup@govogo.com. Please include the following information:
    • The email address where you want your messages sent
    • your cellphone number
    • a 4-digit PIN number for dial-up access to your voicemail box
    *NOTE: Your information will be kept private and will not be distributed to any third parties.
  17. Will my number remain active if I do not use it?
  18. No. If a voicemail has not been received in a 1 month period then the number may be reassigned. You are able to signup for an a new voicemail number in the event that this occurs.
  19. I love the service. What can I do to help spread the word?
  20. Tell everyone you know how much you like your service.
  21. How many voicemail numbers can the system support?
  22. We designed the system to handle 50,000 voicemail boxes. If more than 50,000 people sign up, we will install more equipment to handle the load.
  23. How many calls can I get?
  24. You may receive 15 messages in any five-day period. If you need to receive more than that, you may log in to your voicemail box by telephone or Web and manually delete your existing messages. We hold them in your voicemail box for five days in case you want to dial in and listen to them from a telephone.
  25. People tell me that when they call my Voicemail number it tells them my mailbox is full. What can I do?
  26. This means that you have received more than 45 messages in a month period. Don't worry, each message will automatically delete after 30 days. Just access your voicemail box and delete messages you no longer need.
  27. Why do you limit the number of message I can receive in a 30 day period?
  28. To save on storage cost and provide our free service to as many people as possible. You are always capable of storing your messages in your email client or on your own computer as an mp3.
  29. How long of a message can someone leave?
  30. We currently allow for a 5 min incoming message.
  31. People are leaving me a message and I am not getting them.
  32. Some uncommon email servers automatically delete the attached mp3 messages. Sometimes they do this to reduce that amount of bandwith used for e-mails. Other times servers are incorrectly configured and delete the message because they think the MP3 attachment is a virus. Most popular email providers such as Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail will not delete the attachement. You are always capable of visiting the Web if your client does not support attachments via email.
  33. Can I get calls from my parents in Europe?
  34. The telephone number is a regular telephone number. It can be dialed from anywhere in the world.
  35. I changed my e-mail address. What should I do?
  36. Send e-mail to support@govogo.com. Please make sure you include your voicemail box number, your old e-mail address, and your new e-mail address. Or you are able to change it yourself via the web interface by logging in at Web. Click the Options link at the top of your mailbox screen. Then select Change Email and just fill in your new email address.
  37. I have more questions. Who can I write to?
  38. Send an email to support@govogo.com and a representative will try to respond to your mail promptly.
  39. Can I speak to a customer service representative?
  40. In order to offer this service for free we are unable to offer support over the phone. You are able to contact us via email for support 24 hours a day at support@govogo.com