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Plantronics 476 Headset

Voicemail Dial up operating instructions

  1. Dial your voice mail number
  2. Press 0 (zero) when you hear the voice greeting begin to play
  3. It will ask you for your passcode
  4. enter your passcode
  5. The system will then tell you how many new messages you have as well as how many messages you have total in your box. These numbers may differ depending on how many messages you have previously saved.
  6. Press P (7) to Play the first message (new messages are played in reverse order)
  7. After listening to the message, you can:
    • E (3) to Erase the message
    • K (5) to Keep the message until later
    • P (7) to Play the message again
    • M (6) for More options (see below)
    • X (9) to eXit the system.

Changing Passcode and Greeting Instructions:

  1. After entering your passcode in the beginning, enter:
    • M (6) for More options, then,
    • G (4) to change your Greeting (press E to erase your current one and start recording your new one at the tone, followed by any key when you're done)
    • P (7) to change your Passcode
    • N (6) to change your Name
    • X (9) to eXit More Options and return to the main menu